Purpose / Objectives


Premier Association in developing, promoting, and stimulating innovation in the financial market/s of Sri Lanka, by providing continuous learning opportunities and upgrading of human capital of all stake holders, thus ensuring greater financial stability, sustained growth and prosperity


To develop the human capital required to make Sri Lanka a financial hub in the region.

To drive product innovation.

To develop fellowship among the financial markets community.

Education & Training

By conducting examinations held by the ACI or any other recognized qualifications in order to enhance the skills of the Financial market of Sri Lanka.

Organize & Improve

Organize talks, seminars, conferences, meetings, and similar gatherings for Members and the Public to improve and update their knowledge on financial markets.

Recognize and Reward

Recognize and reward candidates upon successful completion of ACI/ACT, while acknowledging valuable contributions made by adding to market liquidity and development.

Afford Opportunities for Social and Friendly Contact

Create connections among members and other key stake holders

Review Techniques and Practices

Reviewing of the financial markets (if needed by consulting other stake holders) in-order to contribute towards rapid and sustained market development and efficiency.

Develop and Promote the SLFA Name

To enhance the status or advance the interest of the association for the broader beneficial interest of the market and the country.

External Visibility

Establish liaisons with associations and other professional bodies having similar objectives, and seek their assistance, participate in any seminar, forum, conference, meeting or gathering organized by the association or body.

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Tivanka Damunupola
Commercial Bank of Ceylon Plc

1st Vice President

Uditha Kaluarachchi
Seylan Bank Plc

2nd Vice President

Trimalie Fernando
People's Bank


Jakque Diasz
Nations Trust Bank PLC

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for Forex Sri Lanka | By 230 interactive

for Forex Sri Lanka | By 230 interactive